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Standard Equipment Chamber Kilns

We recommend:

To achieve a long service life of the brick lining and heating elements, the kiln should not be fired every cycle at its maximum rated temperature. Up to 1230 °C we recommend models N 100 - N 660, and for regular high firing temperatures above 1230 °C we recommend our models N 100/H - N 660/H.

Dual shell door with long-live sealing. Front made of attractive stainless steel (N 100 - N 2200/H, NW 150 - NW 1000/H).
SiC-floor plate protects floor elements and provides a level setting surface.
Dual shell housing for low exterior temperatures. Side sheets made of galvanized steel. (N 100 - N 2200/H, NW 150 - NW 1000/H)
Controller mounted on kiln door and removable for comfortable operation.
Elements mounted on support tubes give free radiation of heat, longer element and wall life; optimized element positioning for excellent temperature uniformity (N 500 E, N 100 - N 2200/H, NW 150 - NW 1000/H).
Solid-state relays control the kiln heating. Operating silently and nearly wear-resistant, the solid-state relays switch with short pulses, giving excellent temperature uniformity and fast response times.
Residual drying function: Air inlet flap closes the air inlet at a temperature which can be set in the controller for NW 150 - NW 300, N 140 E - N 280 E, N 100 - N 300
Infinitely adjustable air-inlet damper for optimum air supply during firing and reduced cooling time. Motor driven control available as additional equipment (from model NW 440, from model N 440, N 500 E).
Motor driven exhaust air flap in the middle of kiln ceiling for perfect air exhaust out of the chamber (from model NW 440, from model N 440, from model N 500 E).
Flue in the center-rear section of the ceiling ensures uniform flow of exhaust gasses up to model N 300, NW 300, N280 E.