Thermal Process Technology

Protective Gas Boxes for Models N 30/45HA - N 500/85HA

Protective gas box (open) Protective gas box with lid

For tempering and bright annealing, workpieces are placed in the box, the lid is locked using the sealing locks and flushed with protective gas outside the furnace for some time and then placed in the furnace. Depending on the weight, a charging trolley (page 30) is recommended.

  • For the non-combustible protective gases argon, nitrogen and forming gas 95/5 with less than 5 % H2 (observe national regulations)
  • Protective gas supply with quick lock and hose connector (outer diameter 8 mm)
  • Protective gas box with lid, protective gas supply and return line through the furnace collar
  • Protective gas outlet on the top right side
  • Sealing of lid with ceramic fiber
  • Gas connection including quick-release coupling with 3/8 inch hose sleeve
  • Made of heat-resistant alloys: 450 °C - 304 (AISI)/(DIN material no. 1.4301), 650 °C - 321 (AISI)/(DIN material no. 1.4541) or 850 °C - 309 (AISI)/(DIN material no. 1.4828)
  • Lid sealed with ceramic fiber, ceramic insulating materials can alternatively be used
  • The annealing boxes are equipped with 70 mm high stacker shoes for WS charging trolley
  • Protective gas boxes in a special dimension are required for air circulation furnaces with lift door
  • Pull lug of model N 30/45 HA - N 120/85 HA
  • Charge thermocouple type K

Additional Equipment

  • Digital temperature display
  • Protective gas systems
  • Charging trolley
Article no.FurnaceInner dimensions in mmExterior dimensions in mm
631000400N 30/45HA220320160282376242
631000401N 60/45HA270420260332476342
631000402N 120/45HA370520350436560430
631000403N 250/45HA480630460546680600
631000404N 500/45HA630780610696836760
631000405N 30/65HA220320160282376242
631000406N 60/65HA270420260332476342
631000407N 120/65HA370520350436560430
631000408N 250/65HA480630460546680600
631000409N 500/65HA630780610696836760
631000410N 30/85HA220320160282376242
631000411N 60/85HA270420260332476342
631000412N 120/85HA370520350436560430
631000413N 250/85HA480630460546680600
631000414N 500/85HA630780610696836760
Article no. 601603960, 1 set of fiber insulation cord, 5 strips of 610 mm each