Accessories for Sintering Furnace LT 02/13 CR for Cobalt-Chromium

LT 02/13 CR Sintering Bell Set, Ø 95 x 50 mm Article No.: 699001186

Sintering Pearls Article No.: 699001185

Special Tongs, Length: 250 mm Article No.: 699001189

Sintering Bell for Sintering Furnace LT 02/13 CR

The sintering bell with good sealing is perfectly suited to sinter non-ferrous metals under argon. The sintering blanks are placed in the sintering bell and will be sintered under argon. Up to 30 single crowns can be used per sintering cycle. The specific design in combination with sintering pearls provides for good sintering results in a nearly oxygen-free atmosphere at a very low argon consumption.

Sintering Pearls for Sintering Furnace LT 02/13 CR

The use of sintering pearls which reduce the atmosphere inside the sintering bell ensures perfect results. They prevent the crowns and bridges from sticking or jamming during the sintering process. It must be ensured that the frameworks und single crowns are imbedded in sintering pearls up to their upper edge. Though, it must be ensured that they should not enter the crowns in order not to hinder the sintering shrinkage.

Special Tongs for Charging the Sintering Bell

We offer a pair of special tongs for loading and unloading the furnace. The sintering bell can easily be removed from the sintering chamber. Note: The accessories described above are designed for cold charging and discharging. Removing them in hot condition is not permitted.


Accessories for Sintering Furnaces

Charge Saggars for Sintering Furnaces LHT 02/17 LB Speed and LHT 03/17 D

For charging zirconia workpieces charge saggars are recommended. A saggar basically consists of the sintering dish as base and the spacer ring with ventilation openings. The material is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and can be used for processes with short heat-up and cool-down times.

When charging the furnace it must be ensured that the lower charge carrier is generally resting on the spacer ring. This provides for air-circulation under this carrier and improves the temperature uniformity. It is recommended to cover upper saggar with another sintering dish as lid.

The starter set consists of a charge saggar, a spacer ring as a base and a second sintering dish as lid. The use of additional saggars (sintering dish and spacer ring) allows charging on additional levels. Both furnace models are designed to get charged with up to three charge saggars.

Number of required charge levels in overview:

  • 1 level: Starter set which includes 2 sintering dishes and 2 spacer rings
  • 2 levels: Starter set + 1 sintering dish + 1 spacer ring
  • 3 levels: Starter set + 2 sintering dishes + 2 spacer rings
Starter-Set, Ø 115 mm Article No.: 699001066 Sintering Dish, Ø 115 mm Article No.: 699001054 Spacer Ring with Ventilation Openings Article No.: 699001055

Charge Saggar for Sintering Furnaces HTCT 01/16 and LHT 01/17 D

Placing the zirconia product in charge saggars provides for optimum utilization of the furnace chamber. Up to three saggars can be stacked in the furnaces. The integrated air slots ensure a better air circulation of the charge. The upper saggar can be closed with a separate ceramic lid.

Safe charging on up to three levels Charge Saggar, 110 x 75 x 30 mm Article No.: 699000279 Lid for Charge Saggar Article No.: 699000985

Note: The accessories described above are designed for cold charging and discharging. Removing the accessories in hot condition is not possible.
ModelHeating elementsSupport tubesThermocoupleSpring lift doorBottom plate
 Article No.ImageArticle No.Article No.Article No.Article No.
LHT 01/17 D4 x 692253380 -5403003842 x 691400598601604420
LHT 03/17 D4 x 692252721 -5403005542 x 691400599-
HTCT 01/164 x 602212884 -5403003842 x 691400598601604420
LHT 02/17 LB Speed4 x 692252721 -540300554--
LT 02/13 CR2 x 692253400 12 x 6920402515403002572 x 691400598-

Accessories for Preheating Furnaces

Chimney for connection to an exhaust pipe. Chimney with fan, to remove exhaust gas from the furnace better. The B400 - P480 controllers can be used to activate the fan automatically (not for models L(T) 15.., L 1/12, LE 1/11, LE 2/11).* Catalytic converter with fan for removal of organic components from the exhaust air. Organic components are catalytically oxidized at about 600 °C, broken into carbon dioxide and water vapour. Irritating odors are thus largely eliminated. The B400 - P480 controllers can be used to switch the catalytic converter automatically (not for models L(T) 15.., L 1/12, LE 1/11, LE 2/11).*

* Note: If other controller types are used an adapter cable for connection to mains supply has to be ordered separately. The device will be activated by plugging in the socket.


Select between different bottom plates and collecting pans for protection of the furnace and easy loading (for models L, LT and LE on pages 12 - 14).

Ceramic ribbed plate, Tmax 1200 °C Ceramic collecting pan, Tmax 1300 °C Steel collecting pan, Tmax 1100 °C
For modelsCeramic ribbed plateCeramic collecting panSteel collecting pan (Material 1.4828)
 Articel No.Dimensions in mmArticel No.Dimensions in mmArticel No.Dimensions in mm
L 1, LE 1691601835110 x 90 x 12,7--69140462385 x 100 x 20
LE 2691601097170 x 110 x 12,7691601099100 x 160 x 10691402096110 x 170 x 20
L 3, LT 3691600507150 x 140 x 12,7691600510150 x 140 x 20691400145150 x 140 x 20
LE 6, L 5, LT 5691600508190 x 170 x 12,7691600511190 x 170 x 20691400146190 x 170 x 20
L 9, LT 9, N 7691600509240 x 220 x 12,7691600512240 x 220 x 20691400147240 x 220 x 20
LE 14691601098210 x 290 x 12,7--691402097210 x 290 x 20
L 15, LT 15, N 11691600506340 x 220 x 12,7--691400149230 x 330 x 20

General Accessories

Heat-resistant gloves for protection of the operator when loading or removing hot materials, resistant to 650 °C or 700 °C.

Gloves, Tmax 650 °C Gloves, Tmax 700 °C Various tongs for easy loading and unloading of the furnace.