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Pit-Type Furnaces with Air Circulation and Accessory Equipment for Tempering and Quenching

S 250/65 with swivel arm as charging aid S 120/65 with charging aid and cooling platform as additional equipment

Pit-type furnace S 250/65 with protective gas box for bright annealing

S 30/45 A - S 500/85A

Pit-type furnaces with air circulation offer the benefit of easy charging of heavy parts or baskets and are used in the same applications as the chamber furnaces described above: steel tempering after hardening, but also for precipitation hardening/curing, quenching and tempering, solution annealing, artificial aging, preheating and soft annealing, etc. Protective gas boxes with or without a vacuum lid as well as charging baskets and charging aids are available for a wide range of applications.

  • Tmax. 450 °C, 650 °C or 850 °C
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Hot air blower integrated in floor, high air speed
  • Vertical air guidance
  • Optimal temperature uniformity in accordance with DIN 17052-1 up to ΔT 6 K in usable space

Additional Equipment

  • Charging aid mounted on side of furnace
  • Cooling platform
Article no.ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeExterior dimensions in mmSupplyElectricalWeight
Controller B 150Controller C 290 °Cwdhin lWDHpower/kWconnection*in kg
001353100001353150S 30/45A450300250400305204609203,61-phase130
001353200001353250S 60/45A4503503505006057056010206,63-phase225
001353300001353350S 120/45A45045045060012067066011209,63-phase280
001353400001353450S 250/45A450600600750250820810135019,03-phase750
001353500001353550S 500/45A450750750900500970960150028,03-phase980
001354100001354150S 30/65A6503002504003053052010206,03-phase¹130
001354200001354250S 60/65A6503503505006058062011209,63-phase225
001354300001354350S 120/65A650450450600120680720122013,63-phase280
001354400001354450S 250/65A650600600750250830870145021,03-phase750
001354500001354550S 500/65A6507507509005009801020160031,03-phase980
001355100001355150S 30/85A8503002504003060074010006,03-phase¹130
001355200001355250S 60/85A8503503505006071084011009,63-phase225
001355300001355350S 120/85A850450450600120810940120013,63-phase280
001355400001355450S 250/85A8506006007502509601090135021,03-phase750
001355500001355550S 500/85A85075075090050011001240150031,03-phase980
¹Heating only beetween two phases *Please see page 32 for more information about mains voltage