Quenching and Cleaning Baths

Baths for quenching in oil or water as well as for cleaning and degreasing are available as single or double baths and are made of stainless steel. Oil quench bath assure highly even cooling of workpieces and are equipped with a lid to immediatley extinguish ignited oil. For optimal results, pre-tempering water baths for cleaning workpieces should have an appropriate degreasing additive mixed in to the water bath and be heated to approx. 70 °C by an optionally available heating element. All baths come with a charge carrier, supply and drain line.

Article no.BathExterior dimensions in mm VolumeQuenchant performancemax. load
  WDHin lin kg/hweight in kg
101300030Q 5035035070050 5 - 10 
101300040Q 20055055090020025 - 3030
Article no.Heating elementSupplySupply
491007005Q 503230 V
491007058Q 2006400 V
*Article no. for other possible supply voltages on request