Hardening Boxes for Models N 7 - N 161/13

Hardening boxes with lid and granulate Hardening boxes on stacker
Working with Hardening Boxes

Hardening boxes are made of heat-resistant alloy 314 (AISI)/(DIN material no. 1.4841) and also feature a lid for top charging. A ceramic fiber gasket is inserted in the circular seal profile on the upper edge of the box to seal it. To prevent oxidation during the process, neutral annealing coal is placed in the box. These bind the oxygen in the box at all temperatures. After the heat treatment, the box is removed from the oven, the lid is opened using tongs (page 22) and the workpiece removed. Our hardening boxes are also well suited for brazing. The boxes can also be used with the appropriate granulate (page 7) for carburizing (also referred to as case hardening or cementing) and for powder nitriding or powder boriding. The workpieces are placed in the box with carburizing granulate or nitriding powder or boriding powder and a suitable activator (page 7).

  • Tmax 1100 °C
  • Hardening box with lid and seal profile
  • Lid sealed with ceramic fiber, ceramic insulating materials can alternatively be used
  • Models up to N 17/HR with manipulating device available
  • Starting with model N 31/H, with a charging trolley
  • Also usable for carburizing and powder nitriding
  • Heat-resistant alloy 314 (AISI)/(DIN material no. 1.4841)
  • Larger boxes and custom dimensions available upon request
Article no.FurnaceInner dimensions in mmExterior dimensions in mmCharging
631000123all104846514012090charging fork
631000124all999975135135100charging fork
631000125all14411495180150120charging fork
631000126all144169125180205150charging fork
631000127N 7, N 7/H 11416477150200102charging fork
631000128N 7/H17419493210230115charging fork
631000129N 11, N 11/R174244107210280132charging fork
631000130N 11/H, N 11/HR184294107230330132charging fork
631000131N 17, N 17/R174394107210430132charging fork
631000132N 17/H, N 17/HR194444107230480132charging fork
631000396N 31/H 244294147280330172draw hook
631000133N 21, N 41, N 41/H194294147230330172draw hook
631000135N 41, N 41/H244344177280380200draw hook
631000136N 41, N 41/H294394197330430222draw hook
631000137N 61, N 61/H274494197310530222draw hook
631000138N 81394494197430530222forklift
631000312N 161456556250496596355forklift
Article no. 601603960, 1 set of fiber insulation cord, 5 strips of 610 mm each
catalogue Thermal Process Technology I
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