Chamber Furnaces with Air Circulation

N 120/65 HA N 500/65 HA

N 15/65 HA

Air circulation furnace with protective gas box

N 30/45 - N 500/85HA

Due to its high temperature uniformity, these chamber furnaces with air circulation are suitable for processes such as tempering, quenching and tempering, precipitation hardening/curing, solution annealing, artificial aging, preheating or soft annealing and brazing. The furnaces can be equipped with suitable protective gas boxes for soft annealing of copper or tempering titanium as well as tempering of steel in a protective gas atmosphere. The modular design of the furnaces allows accessory equipment to be added based on process requirements.

  • Tmax. 450 °C, 650 °C or 850 °C
  • Floor, wall and ceiling heating
  • Stainless steel air baffle box in furnace for optimal air circulation
  • Right-mounted swinging door
  • Base included in delivery, for table-top model N 15/65 HA optional base available
  • Horizontal air circulation
  • Optimal temperature uniformity in accordance with DIN 17052-1 up to ΔT 6 K in usable space
  • Optimal distribution of air due to high circulation rates
  • One shelf and rails for two additional shelves included
Article no.ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeExterior dimensions in mmSupplyElectricalWeight
Controller B 150Controller C 290 °Cwdhin lWDHpower/kWconnection*in kg
001333200001333250N 30/45HA45029042026030607 + 255117513153.61-phase195
001333300001333350N 60/45HA45035050035060667 + 255125014006.63-phase240
001333400001333450N 120/45HA450450600450120767 + 255135015009.63-phase310
001333500001333550N 250/45HA4506007506002501002 + 2551636186019.03-phase6110
001333600001333650N 500/45HA45075010007505001152 + 2551886201028.03-phase1030
001334160 (B 180)001334150 (P 330)N 15/65HA¹650295340170154708454602.71-phase55
001334200001334250N 30/65HA65029042026030607 + 255117513156.03-phase²195
001334300001334350N 60/65HA65035050035060667 + 255125014009.63-phase240
001334400001334450N 120/65HA650450600450120767 + 2551350150013.63-phase310
001334500001334550N 250/65HA6506007506002501002 + 2551636186021.03-phase610
001334600001334650N 500/65HA65075010007505001152 + 2551886201031.03-phase1030
001336100001336150N 30/85HA85029042026030607 + 255117513156.03-phase²195
001336200001336250N 60/85HA85035050035060667+255125014009.63-phase240
001336300001336350N 120/85HA850450600450120767+2551350150013.63-phase310
001336400001336450N 250/85HA8506007506002501002+2551636186021.03-phase610
001336500001336550N 500/85HA85075010007505001152+2551886201031.03-phase1030
¹Table-top model*Please see page 32 for more information about mains voltage
²Heating only beetween two phases
Thermal Process Technology I