Tool Shop Hardening Systems

KHS 17 MHS 61

The work platform of the system is designed for supporting an N 7/H - N 61/H series hardening furnace and N 15/65 HA - N 60/65HA tempering furnaces. Suitable gas feed boxes can be integrated. After heating in the hardening furnace, the parts are removed from the furnace or the gas feed box and quenched in an oil quench bath or water bath. The charging basket is used to move the part within the bath so that it cools more evenly. After quenching in oil the the workpiece should be cleaned in the water bath, dried and immediately tempered in a circulating air furnace in order to optimally fix the mechanical components with regard to their strength behavior for the required conditions, minimize distortion and prevent potential flaws.

Article no.ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeExterior dimensions in mmSupplyElectricalWeight
  °Cwdhin lWDHpower/kWconnection*in kg
Controller B 150Controller C 290for KHS 17           
001311110001311190N 7/H128025025012077206405103,01-phase60
001311210001311290N 11/H1280250350140117207405103,61-phase70
001311310001311380N 11/HR1280250350140117207405105,53-phase¹70
001311510001311580N 17/HR1280250500140177208905106,43-phase¹90
Controller B 180Controller P 330            
001334160001334150N 15/65HA650295340170154708454602,71-phase55
Controller B 150Controller C 290for MHS 61           
001321110001321173N 31/H1280350350250308401010132013,03-phase210
001321210001321290N 41/H1280350500250408401160132015,03-phase260
001321310001321395N 61/H 1280350750250608401410132020,03-phase400
001334200001334250N 30/65HA65029042026030607 + 255117513156,03-phase¹195
001334300001334350N 60/65HA65035050035060667 + 255125014009,63-phase240
Heating only beetween two phases *Please see page 32 for more information about mains voltage
Article no.ArticleExterior dimensions in mmVolumeCharging floor grid dimensions Supply Supply
  WDHin lWidth in mmlength in mmpower/kWvoltage
KHS 17         
401000104Work table with quenching and cleaning bath7358501155-----
401000102Charging basket--------
MHS 61         
631000696Work platform10507301250 ----
631000430Oil bath27050050050400200--
631000431Water bath27050050050400200--
491005900Heating element------3,0230 V
catalogue Thermal Process Technology I