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Quenching and Cleaning Baths

Quenching and Cleaning Baths

Quenching bath Q 200 for quenching in oil or water

Baths for quenching in oil or water as well as for cleaning and degreasing are available as single or double baths and are made of stainless steel. Oil quench bath assure highly even cooling of workpieces and are equipped with a lid to immediatley extinguish ignited oil. For optimal results, pre-tempering water baths for cleaning workpieces should have an appropriate degreasing additive mixed in to the water bath. An optional heating allows for a bath temperature of approx. 70 °C. All baths come with a charge carrier, supply and drain line.

Article no.BathOuter dimensions in mm VolumeQuenchantmax. load
  WDHin lperformance in kg/hweight in kg
101300050Q 5035035070050 5 - 1020
101300040Q 20055055090020025 - 3020
Article no.Heating elementConnectedSupply
 (optional)load kWvoltage*
631001014Q 503230 V
631001012Q 2006400 V
*Article no. for other possible supply voltages on request

Quenching bath Q 400 D with manual charging aid

Oil cooler as additional equipment

The oil and water quench baths are combined within a single housing and separated by a sheet metal wall in the Q 200 D, Q 400 D and Q 600 D combination baths. The oil quench bath is slightly preheated by the heated water bath. A splash pan is installed in front of the combination bath. Charging aids are available as additional equipment. The Q 200 D combination bath comes with a charge carrier, for models Q 400 D and Q 600 D must be ordered extra. For greater quenchant performance, the baths can be equipped with oil coolers.

Article no.BathOuter dimensions in mm Volume in lmax. load
  WDHOil/waterweight in kg
101300100Q 200 D1200700900200/12520
101300200Q 400 D1700750900400/30040
101300300Q 600 D2100900900600/45060
Charging aidTotal heightMax. load weightCompressed airConnectedElectrical
manual + electricin mmin kgin barload kWconnection1
Q 200 D1800206 - 9--
Q 400 D248040-0.31-phase
Q 600 D248060-0.31-phase
Oil coolermax. quenchantConnectedElectrical
 performance in kg/hload kWconnection¹
Q 200 Dapprox. 1000.553-phase
Q 400 Dapprox. 2002.203-phase
Q 600 Dapprox. 3002.203-phase
¹Please see page 89 for more information about supply voltage
Heating elementConnectedSupply
 load kWvoltage*
Q 200 D6400 V
Q 400 D9400 V
Q 600 D15400 V
*Other supply voltages possible on request

Quench Tanks

Combined oil quenching and cleaning bath with immersable tables, protection cover, oil separator and exhaust system

Oil quenching bath OAB 67000 with heat exchanger and a volume of 67.000 liters oil

Oil separator for quench tanks with water

Powerful circulation of quenching medium

Subject to process, charge size and weight a customized quench bath will be designed and delivered. Standard sizes are also available. Water, oil or polymer are available as quenching medium.

Available quenching mediums:

  • Water
  • Oil
  • Polymer

Design Specifications

  • Powerful circulation of the quenching medium
  • Controlled heating systems
  • Lowering devices for the charge
  • Fill-level control
  • Automatic refill system in case of water as quenching medium
  • Connection port for customer’s cooling system
  • Cooling system of the queching medium via heat exchanger
  • Oil separator for quench tanks with water
  • Protective gas supply on the surface of oil quench tanks as fire protection
  • Integration of bath temperature in the process control and documentation