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Carburizing Granulate

Carburizing Granulate

Carburizing granulate
  • Workpieces are placed into an annealing box with carburizing granulate and the lid is closed and sealed
  • At approx. 900  °C the steel reacts with the carbon and forms an approx. 0.2 - 2 mm thick layer
  • The thickness of the layer depends on the length of the process, approx. 0.1 mm/hr, a process time of approx. 6 - 8 hrs achieves good average results
  • Powder for alloyed and non-alloyed steels as well as granulate for multiple use with approx. 20 % new granulate added
  • Supplied in 25 kg sacks
Article no.Description
491070250KG 6 - granulate for alloyed steels and multiple re-use
491070275KG 30 - granulate for non-alloyed steels and multiple re-use