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Annealing Envelopes

Annealing Envelopes

Annealing envelopes
  • Annealing envelopes useful up to Tmax 1200 °C
  • For hardening small parts
  • Airtight lock by means of folds of a fold lock or suitable tools
  • Rapid heating of the foil binds the oxygen in the annealing envelope preventing virtually all oxidation and decarburizing
  • Rapid quenching in air, oil or water, ensuring high dimensional accuracy
  • Workpieces are placed as tightly as possible in the annealing envelope
  • Envelopes made of ultra-thin stainless steel heat treating foil, welded on three sides, for single use
Article no.Dimensions in mm Article no.Dimensions in mm
 WidthLength  WidthLength
49100100063127 491004000203254
49100150163203 491004501203355
491002000101152 491005001254304
491002501101228 491005500254406
491002999152203 491006000304355
491003500152304 491006500304457
Other dimensions available upon request