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Tube Furnaces for Processes under Flammable or Non-Flammable Protective or Reaction Gases or under Vacuum

Tube Furnaces for Processes under Flammable or Non-Flammable Protective or Reaction Gases or under Vacuum

Compact laboratory tube furnace with manual gas supply system High-temperature tube furnace for four different protective gases

Vertical tube furnace RHTV 50/150/17 with stand and gas supply system 2 as additional equipment

Thermocouple for charge control in the furnace RHTH 120/600/18

Sintering under hydrogen in a tube furnace of RHTH product line

Rotary Tube Furnace RSR 250/3500/15S

With the wide range of available accessories, our professional tube furnaces can be designed optimally to suit various processes. By upgrading with different gas supply systems, processes can be carried out in a protective gas atmosphere, in vacuum, or under flammable protective or reaction gases. In addition to the convenient standard controllers, modern PLC controls can be used also.

  • Tube furnaces (static) with Tmax 1100 °C to 1800 °C (max. 1400 °C in vacuum) for horizontal or vertical operation
  • Rotary tube furnaces for batch or continuous processes with Tmax 1100 °C or 1300 °C
  • Different working tube materials designed for various process requirements
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
  • NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controller: recording process data with a USB flash drive

Additional equipment

  • Different gas supply system packages for flammable or non-flammable protective or reaction gases
  • Vacuum operation
  • Multiple zone design to optimize temperature uniformity
  • Charge control with temperature measurement in the working tube and in the furnace chamber outside the tube
  • Display of temperature in the working tube with additional thermocouple
  • Cooling systems for accelerated cooling of the working tube and the charge
  • Individual solutions for process optimization available

Customized Tube Furnaces

Tube furnace RS 200/4500/08 with lift door for heat treatment of bars RS 250/2500/11S, five-zone controlled, for wire annealing in high-vacuum or under protective gases, incl. forced cooling and exhaust hood

Tube furnace RHTV 120/480/16 LBS with working tube closed at one side, protective gas and vacuum option as well as with electric screw drive of the lift table

RS 100/250/11S in split-type design for integration into a test stand

Please ask for our laboratory catalog to get further information about our extensive range of tube furnaces and other laboratory furnaces!

With their high level of flexibility and innovation, Nabertherm offers the optimal solution for customer-specific applications. Based on our standard models, we develop individual solutions also for integration in overriding process systems. The solutions shown on this page are just a few examples of what is feasible. From working under vacuum or protective gas via innovative control and automation technology for a wide selection of temperatures, sizes, lenghts and other properties of tube furnace systems – we will find the appropriate solution for a suitable process optimization.