Accessories for Annealing after Laser Sintering

Protective Gas Box made of 1.4841

The protective gas boxes with gas inlet and outlet are neccessary for annealing of frameworks made of Cobalt-Chromium after laser sintering. The gassing box will be flushed with non-flammable inert gases, such as argon. The gassing box made of heat resistant 1.4841 (DIN) is delivered with lid, which is sealed with ceramic fiber, with protective gas inlet and outlet provided through the upper furnace collar and seal profile incl. quick coupling with 3/8“ hose connection. Included is also a thermocouple type K. The gas box can be used up to a maximum temperature of 1100 °C, at temperatures up to 1150 °C higher wear and tear has to be expected.

Manual Gas Supply Valve for Gas Bottles

The gassing box, described above, is additionally equipped with manual gas feed fitting and solenoid valve for gas bottles. Included is a pressure reducing valve with built-in flow meter, indicating the bottle pressure, which is controlled by the extra function of the controller. The built-in flow meter with float ball allows a good readability of the gas flow. The inlet pressure is 200 bar, the outlet pressure equals to 4 bar. Included in the delivery scope is a 4 m long connecting tube 3/8“ and a screw connection for gas bottles.

Digital Temperature Indicator

To measure the exact temperature inside the gassing box, a thermocouple type K is used. This can be connected to an digital temperature indicator or temperature recorder. For temperature measurements we offer a digital temperature indicator with LED display and interface for the documentation with the Nabertherm software. This indicator is mounted in an separate metal housing. The temperature indicator is equipped with an 2-pole plug connector for connecting the thermocouple. The temperature can be determined und possibly adjusted on the controller. On request it is possible to control the furnace over a charge control with thermocouple directly at the charge.

Annealing and Hardening Foils and Charging Plates

To protecting the furnace floor against mechanical damage a charging plate made of 1.4841 raw material is neccessary. This plate has a three-side edging for an maximum temperatures of 1100 °C. For protection the charge against oxidation and decarbonization we offer annealing and hardening foils for max. working temperatures up to 1200 °C.