Chamber Furnaces for Annealing, Hardening and Brazing

Chamber furnace N 7/H as table-top model Chamber furnace N 61/H

Working with protective gas boxes for a protective gas atmosphere using a charging cart

To withstand harsh use in the laboratory, e.g. when heat-treating metals, robust insulation with light refractory bricks is necessary. The chamber furnaces N 7/H - N 87/H are a perfect fit to solve this problem. The furnaces can be extended with a variety of accessories, like annealing boxes for operation under protective gas, roller guides, or a cooling station with a quench tank. Even high-performance applications like the annealing of titanium in medical applications can be implemented without the use of expensive and complicated annealing systems.

  • Tmax 1280 °C
  • Three-sided heating from both sides and the bottom
  • Heating elements on support tubes ensure free heat radiation and a long service life
  • Bottom heating protected by heat-resistant SiC plate
  • Low energy consumption due to multi-layer insulation
  • Exhaust opening in the side of the furnace, or on back wall of chamber furnace for model N 31/H and higher
  • Base frame included in the delivery, N 7/H - N 17/HR designed as table-top model
  • Parallel guided downward swinging door (user protected from heat radiation)
  • Gas spring dampers provide for easy door opening and closing
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
  • NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controller: recording of process data with USB-flash drive
ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmConnectedElectricalWeightMinutes
 °Cwdhin lWDHload kWconnection*in kgto Tmax2
N 7/H128025025014098006506003.01-phase60180
N 11/H1280250350140118007506003.51-phase70180
N 11/HR1280250350140118007506005.53-phase170120
N 17/HR1280250500140178009006006.43-phase190120
N 31/H12803503502503110401100134015.03-phase210105
N 41/H12803505002504110401250134015.03-phase260120
N 61/H12803507502506110401500134020.03-phase400120
N 87/H128035010002508710401750134025.03-phase480120
1Heating only between two phases *Please see page 60 for more information about supply voltage
2If connected at 230 V 1/N/PE rsp. 400 V 3/N/PE

Accessories for Annealing Hardening and Brazing

Our wide selection of chamber furnaces for annealing, hardening and brazing can be extended with a variety of accessories to suit your application. The accessories shown below represent only a small fraction of the products available. For further details, please see our separate catalogues for heat-treatment furnaces and hardening accessories.

Annealing Boxes

  • Annealing boxes with or without protective gas connectors, up to 1100 °C, also in a tailor-made variant for cold evacuation, for instance for the annealing of small parts and bulk goods

Annealing Tray with Holder

  • Annealing tram with alloy bag and holder with protective gas connection for models N 7/H to N 87/H for annealing and hardening under protective gas and quenching in air

Hearth Plates

  • Hearth plates for up to 1100 °C for protection of the furnace floor for models N 7/H to N 87/H, edged on three sides

Hardening Tongs

  • Hardening tongs in various sizes and forms for use in annealing and hardening

Heat Treating Foil

  • Heat treating foil for wrapping of samples for oxidation-free annealing and hardening of steels up to 1200 °C


  • Heat-resistant gloves to 650 °C or 700 °C for protection of operator during loading