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Quench Tanks

Quench Tanks

Oil separator for quench tanks with water

Quench tank with water integrated in a tempering plant for aluminium

Protective gas supply as fire protection

Circulation of quenching medium

Powerful circulation of quenching medium

Subject to process, charge size and weight a customized quench tank will be designed and delivered. Standard sizes are also available. Water, oil or polymer are available as quenching medium. Various examples of different quench tank design as part of tempering plants for steel and non-ferrous metals are described on page 72.

Available quenching mediums:

  • Water
  • Oil
  • Polymer

Design Specifications

  • Powerful circulation of the quenching medium
  • Controlled heating systems
  • Fill-level control
  • Automatic refill system in case of water as quenching medium
  • Connection port for customer’s cooling system
  • Cooling system for the queching medium
  • Oil separator for quench tanks with water
  • Protective gas supply on the surface of oil quench tanks as fire protection
  • Integration of bath temperature in the process control and documentation