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Gas-Fired Chamber Kilns

Chamber kiln NB 400 with base frame

Gas lines and thermocouple at the chamber kiln

Powerful burner

Automated process control

Some firing processes or connecting conditions require a gas-fired chamber kiln. Fast heating times and unique firing results are strong reasons for using such equipment.

Equipped with powerful gas burners the chamber kilns NB 300 - NB 600 are suitable for creative applications. An automatic temperature regulation is included in the basic model. The controller starts controlling after the burner has been manually ignited by automatic switching the burner between high and low loads. The burners have been optimized to allow relatively precise control from 300 °C. Despite this, we still recommend drying the charge completely to avoid waste caused by rapid heating up in the lower temperature range. At the end of the program, the burners are automatically shut off.

  • High-performance, atmospheric burners for operating with liquid petroleum gas (connected pressure 1.5 bar/20  mbar or 50 mbar) or natural gas (connected pressure 20 mbar or 50 mbar)
  • Depending on the application, special positioning of the gas burners with flame guidance provides for optimal temperature uniformity
  • Manual set-up of burner power and atmosphere (oxidizing or reducing)
  • Gas fittings with flame control and safety valve in accordance with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water)
  • Multi-layer, reduction-proof insulation with light-weight refractory bricks and high-quality back-up insulation result in low gas consumption
  • Rugged, self-supporting, vaulted arch construction
  • Environment-friendly, long-life powder-coating of housing
  • Dual shell housing
  • Dual shell door with long-live sealing
  • Door is adjustable
  • Exhaust hood
  • Delivery incl. base
  • Comfortable charging height with base of 800 mm (NB 300) and 500 mm (NB 400, NB 600)
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
ModelTmaxWork space dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmRatingElectricalWeight
 °Cwdhin lWDH2kWconnection*1in kg
NB 3001300450700780300125014202150401-phase430
NB 40013005007501000440130014852250801-phase700
NB 600130050011001000650130018002250801-phase850
1No voltage supply necessary if kiln is manually operated *Please see page 30 for more information about supply voltage 2Exhaust hood of 440 mm included (dismountable)