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Standard Equipment Chamber Kilns

Standard Equipment Chamber Kilns

FunctionN 40 E - N 100 EN 140 E - N 280 EN 500 EN 100 - NW 300/HN 440 - NW 1500/H
Catalog page1412 - 1312 - 138 - 118 - 11
Multi-layer insulation with light-weight refractory bricks
No use of insulation materials that are classified as carcinogenic according to TRGS 905, Class 1 or 2
Rugged, self-supporting, vaulted arch construction-
Door with durable seal, precisely ground by hand
Dual-shell housing, galvanized steel side panels
Protected door contact switch
Solid state relays ensure low-noise heater operation
Removable controller for comfortable operation
Air inlet flap closes automatically after residual drying---
Infinitely adjustable fresh air flap**
Scope of delivery includes an option for connecting an exhaust air pipe (80 mm diameter)**
Motor-driven exhaust air flap-
Five-sided heating on support tubes---
Three-sided heating, protected in grooves----
Three-sided heating on support tubes---
Two-sided heating, protected in grooves---
Scope of delivery includes 3 ceramic supports and shelf----
Scope of delivery includes. SiC floor plate--
Scope of delivery includes base
Door cover made from structured stainless steel---
l Standard
- Not available
* Already motor-driven in the standard version