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Equipamento adicional dos fornos de câmara

Additional Equipment Chamber Kilns

  • Manual zone control to optimize temperature uniformity
  • Motor-driven air inlet flap that can be opened and closed in relation to the program
  • Cooling fan for kilns up to 300 liters to reduce process times
  • Stainless steel exhaust hood
  • Motor-driven exhaust air flap
  • Door hinges on the left side
  • Base in special height
  • Base mounted on castors
  • Charging frame provides for ergonomic loading and unloading in front of the kiln
  • Kiln furniture
  • Observation hole in the kiln door (diameter 20 mm)
  • Second bogie for NW kilns from 440 liters
  • Door locking kit as set consisting of two door locks with two keys