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Protective gas hardening system SHS 41

Protective Gas Hardening System SHS 41

Protective gas hardening system with furnace N 41/H

This compact, semi-automatic system is suitable for hardening in a protective gas atmosphere followed by quenching of the workpiece in oil. In this way, even larger parts can be annealed under a protective gas and quenched. It consists of a chamber furnace N 41/H hardening furnace with a pneumatic door opening and charging plates as well as an oil quench bath on rollers with an integrated pneumatic lowering unit, a floor grid with gas hood, a holding unit for the gas hood as well as a rim exhaust with flame trap. The workpiece is placed on the floor grid and covered with the gas hood. After preflushing with protective gas, the gas hood is pushed with the floor grid into the chamber furnace. After the heat treatment is completed, the workload is pulled out of the furnace onto the lowering unit. The hood remains above the quenching bath while the charging floor grid is lowered pneumatically. In order to obtain best quenching results, the pneumatic lowering unit is moved up and down in the oil quench bath. After completion, the workload is moved into unloading position. This low cost system can be used for hardening processes which otherwise could only be handled in complex furnace systems.

  • Chamber furnace N 41/H
  • Pneumatic pedal switch operated door opening
  • Charging plate
  • Oil quench bath on rollers
  • Pneumatic lowering unit
  • Heating of oil quench bath
  • Oil temperature display
  • Charging floor grid and gas hood
  • Holding unit for gas hood
  • Manual protective gas unit
  • Draw hook
  • Safety equipment consisting of rim exhaust with flame trap and oil steam separator

Additional equipment

  • Suction hood
  • Water bath
FurnaceTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmHeatingElectricalWeight
Model°Cwdhin lWDHpower in kW2connection*in kg
N 41/H¹12803505002504010401250134015.03-phase260
¹Furnace description see page 36 *Please see page 73 for more information about supply voltage
2Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher
Article no.Protective gas hood size in mmOil quench bathmax. loadmax. quenchPreflushProcessHeating powerElectrical
 hardening systemWDHsize in litersWeightyield/hrateflush rateoil bath/kWconnection*
-SHS 4126036018040025 kg20 kg20 - 2510 - 156.03-phase
631006104Gas hood (spare part)
*Please see page 73 for more information about supply voltage