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Ayrıştırma, sinterleme başlangıcı veya sinterleme işlemleri için olan üretim fırınları

Production Furnaces for Debinding and Presintering or for Sintering

Chamber furnace N 300/14 DB200 for debinding and pre-sintering of zirconia blanks in the production Hot-wall retort furnace NRA 150/09 for debinding and pre-sintering of cobalt-chromium blanks under inert and reactive gas atmosphere

Production furnace HT 160/17 DB200 for sintering zirconia

In addition to the furnaces shown in the laboratory scale, Nabertherm also offers numerous solutions for production. For the production of zirconia blanks there are e.g. production plants that initially provide for the debinding followed by the presintering of the product. In these plants, highest precision with regard to temperature uniformity and reproducibility is of utmost importance in order to satisfy the requirements on the blank with respect to shrinkage and compliance with the later sintering temperature.

For the full sintering of milled crowns and bridges in production scale, Nabertherm offers high-temperature furnaces having a considerably larger capacity than the laboratory furnaces shown here. Nabertherm also offers retort furnaces for the production of blanks made of cobalt-chromium under inert and reactive gases. In this connection, please ask for our special "Advanced Materials" catalog.