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Tavlama ve sertleştirme folyoları

Annealing and Heat Treating Foils

Stainless steel heat treating foil
  • Tmax 1200 °C
  • Stainless steel heat treating foil for single use
  • Ultra-thin stainless steel heat treating foil for bright annealing of workpieces in all shaps and sizes
  • Foil is cut to the correct size
  • Workpieces are packed into the foil as closely as possible
  • Airtight lock by means of folds of a fold lock or suitable tools (see below)
  • Rapid heating of the foil binds the oxygen in the packed piece, preventing virtually all oxidation and decarburizing
  • Quenching takes place with a foil, so the workpiece remains protected
  • Rapid quenching
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