Tilting Furnaces K (Brick Insulation) and KF (Fiber Insulation) Electrically Heated, for Melting and Holding

K 150/12 KF 240/12

Side wall insulation with fiber materials in KF models

Charging of transport ladle with K 360/12

3 x K 300/12 with work platform for melting of aluminum

The electrically heated tilting furnaces of the K and KF product lines are characterized by high melting performance with very temperature uniformity in the melt. Aluminum and brass can be melted in the 1200 °C version. The 1300 °C version can also be used to melt bronze alloys. For faster heating-up cycles in batch operation furnaces can be insulated with fiber resulting in lower heat storage (KF models).

  • K, KF../12 with maximum furnace chamber temperature of 1200 °C for aluminum or brass. Maximum bath temperature, depending on the condition of the crucible, between 1050 °C and 1100 °C
  • K, KF../13 with maximum furnace chamber temperature of 1300 °C also suitable for bronze alloys or brass, with a maximum melt temperature of 1200 °C
  • Heating from three sides using electric heating elements, radiating freely on carrier tubes, simple exchange of individual heating elements
  • Multi-step wiring of the heating elements for furnaces with more than 50 kW electrical rating
  • Heating of furnaces up to 24 kW power rating controlled using long-lasting, noiseless solid-state-relays
  • Heating of furnaces beyond 24 kW with contactors
  • High melting performance with temperature uniformity in the melt
  • Insulation constructed in multiple layers with lightweight refractory bricks on the hot face (K models)
  • Insulation constructed in multiple layers with fiber material in the side walls and corner bricks to support heating elements (KF models)
  • Crucible of clay-graphite up to K 240, isostatically pressed clay-graphite or SiC from K, KF 360 and up
  • Electro-hydraulic tilting system with flame resistant HFC hydraulic fluid
  • Safe, even, and precise pouring thanks to optimum pivot point in the furnace and manual throttling valve operation
  • Emergency outlet for safe draining of the melt in case of crucible breakage
  • No exhaust gas discharge needed
  • Integrated safety system which continues to operate the furnace at reduced power in case of malfunction in the bath thermocouple, in order to prevent the freezing of the melt
  • Over-temperature limiter in furnace chamber for protection against overheating. The limiter switches the heating off when the set limit temperature is reached, and only switches it back on after the temperature has fallen again
  • Furnace chamber control with temperature measurement behind the crucible, recommended for melting

Additional equipment

  • Work platform for easy charging
  • Crucible breakage monitor with visual and audible signal (only for models K, KF ../12)
  • SMS-message to one or more mobile phones in case of crucible breakage. One or more furnaces can be connected to the messaging device in parallel
  • Bath control with thermocouples in the furnace chamber and in the melt. The furnace temperature is controlled through the melt. Temperature overshoots are reduced, thus the quality of the melt is improved
  • Heating system operated through thyristors in phase-angle mode provides for even load on the heating elements and results in longer service life
  • Multi-step switching of the furnace heat (see page 23). In holding mode, a switch or the controller is used to turn off one heating section in order to reduce the electrical rating
  • Higher electrical ratings to increase melting performance
ModelTmaxCrucibleCapacityOuter dimensions
in mmHeating power Weight inMelting performance3Holding
lid closed/open
 °C Kg AlKg CuWDHin kW4kgkg/hr Alkg/h CukW
K, KF 10/121200A 7020701510124010401675032¹4723/7¹
K, KF 20/121200A 150451501660136010602094042¹6323/7¹
K, KF 40/121200A 3009030017401470114026127058¹8423/7¹
K, KF 80/121200TP 287180550180017001180501430126¹19024/10¹
K, KF 150/121200TP 412330970187019001460601800147¹22025/12¹
K, KF 240/121200TP 587570-201020001460802290210¹-8/17¹
K, KF 300/121200TP 587H650-201020001560802400210¹-9/18¹
K, KF 360/121200BUK 800750-2120210015501002780260¹-11/20¹
K, KF 400/121200TBN 11001050-2120210017001263030295¹-12/22¹
K, KF 10/131300A 7020701510124010401680032¹4725/82
K, KF 20/131300A 1504515016601360106020104042¹6325/82
K, KF 40/131300A 3009030017401470114026135058¹8425/82
K, KF 80/131300TP 287180550180017001180501600126¹19026/112
¹At 700 °C 2At 1000 °C
3The specified melting performances are maximum values. In practice, approx. 80 % are achieved.
4Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher