Alternative Exhaust Gas Systems

Exhaust gas discharge over the crucible edge

Exhaust Gas Discharge over the Crucible Edge

Exhaust gas discharge over the crucible edge is the standard design for our gas and oil-fired furnaces, except for the TB models for furnace temperatures of 1200 °C, since these furnaces are normally used as holding furnaces. Due to the high melting performance, the furnaces are perfectly suited for melting. This type of exhaust gas discharge is characterised as follows:

  • Very high melting performance, ideal for use as a melting furnace
  • Low power consumption since the crucible is not just heated from the outside but part of the heat also enters the crucible from above. Energy savings of up to 20 % compared to furnaces with a side exhaust gas discharge
  • Limitations on the melt quality due to higher burn-off and increased hydrogen absorption by the melt from the exhaust gases
  • Bath control not recommended
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