H 700

Seven-day timer for switching between melting temperature and lowered temperature

Multi-Step Switch

Bath Controls with PLC and Touch Panel

The H 700 PLC features state-of-the-art bath control. It provides a combination of precise control, ease of operation and a wide variety of user applications and professional documentation. A touch panel using plain text provides a simple and clean user interface for programming and control.

  • Furnace chamber control or alternatively bath control via cascade applicable
  • Colored graphic display of all temperatures
  • Touch panel provides a simple and clean user interface
  • Seven day timer for temperature switching
  • For each weekday, a program can be configured with 12 segments
  • A separate, user-entered furnace preparation program that can be used to dry the crucible, etc. Access to the program is controlled by a key switch
  • Customer can switch between different languages

Addtional equipment for H 700

  • Manual Overriding of automatic control
    • If a running program needs to be extended (for example, when working overtime to meet a customer‘s schedule), a key switch can be used to put the programmer into Manual mode in order to continue working at the present temperature. In the background, the original program is continued, and when the key switch is turned back to Program mode, the furnace resumes its currently scheduled set point.
  • Documentation of melting process
    • The H 700 controls can be upgraded with the Nabertherm Control Center package (NCC) on a personal computer. NCC controls provide for a professional documentation of the melting process among others, with the following features:
    • All relevant data, such as furnace chamber temperature, bath temperature, messages, etc. are always automatically stored as a daily file.
    • The switchgear is equipped with start and stop buttons. By pressing these buttons, the bath temperature is documented and stored as a file. For instance, customer batches can be monitored and archived separately.

Additional Equipment for all Controllers

  • Temporary overriding of bath control to increase melting performance
    • When an empty crucible is recharged, the values measured by the bath thermocouple do not correspond to the actual temperature of the solid metal. Using melt bath regulation in this case would reduce the power available to melt the metal. A pushbutton on the panel allows the operator to temporarily bypass normal control, and have the controller maintain a higher than normal chamber temperature to melt the metal faster. A user-set timer (up to 120 minutes) and set point allows the operator to optimize the time it takes to melt. When the timer elapses, the controller resumes its normal control mode.
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