Bath Furnaces, Electrically Heated, for Holding

B 500

The B 120 - B 500 bath furnaces (without crucibles) have been especially developed for stationary holding operation in die-cast foundries with removal of the melt by a bale-out robot. The tub of the furnace is lined with special long-life brick. The multi-layered backing insulation is designed for lowest electric connected load. The furnace tub is divided into three interconnected chambers. The heating proceeds from the lid into the center chamber. The bale-out openings are dimensioned to enable the robot to be optimally used. In holding operation bath furnaces, when used properly, provide better energy efficiency than crucible bale-out furnaces.

ModelTmaxCapacityOuter dimensions in mmWeight inBale-out opening HeatingHolding/
 °CKg AlWDHkgmmpower in kW1kW
B 12010003001900115011601900300 x 300112
B 25010006002030128012002450380 x 380143
B 500100012002350145012403700430 x 430205
1Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher