Additional Equipment for All Electrically Heated Melting Furnaces

Multi-Step Switch

Multi-Step Switch for Reduction of Connected Rating

A multi-step switch switches off a part of the heating depending on the power of the corresponding furnace model. Generally, the furnace can be operated at full load for melting. If the furnace is only used in holding mode the connected rating of the furnace can be reduced by turning off a defined part of the heating capacity, resulting in a significant cost advantage. As an option, this function can be automatically switched depending on temperature.

Power Management for Reduction of the Electrical Connection Value

If several crucible furnaces are used the installation of an intelligent power management can be the right choice. Monitoring all furnaces the power management is continuously reconciling the switch-on times of the heating. This effectively prevents all furnaces from switching-on at the same time. The positive impact is that the total connected rating provided by the energy provider can be significantly reduced.

Switchgear Cooling with Fans or Air-Conditioning

The switchgear of our furnaces is designed for environment temperatures of up to 40 °C. To secure a failure-free and long lasting operation of the switchgear in case of higher temperatures they can be equipped with active fan cooling or even with an air-conditioner.