Transportable Bale-Out Furnaces TM Electrically Heated, for Holding Aluminum

Transportable holding furnace TM 80/10 Meander heating elements

Slots under the furnace for the forklift forks

Plug socket on the furnace for the cable connection to the switchgear and control box

The bale-out furnaces of the TM product lines were developed especially for use at different pouring locations. The cylindrical, very stable furnace housing, the very high-quality insulation and the meandering heating elements are the special features of this furnace family. The furnaces are designed to be transported by forklift truck and come with a plug-in connection to the control gear. With a forklift truck the furnace can be transported to the pre-melt furnace for filling. When additional switchgear and control boxes are used, the furnace can also be optionally used at different pouring locations.

  • Tmax 1000 °C, ideal for holding of aluminum
  • Cylindrical, highly stable furnace housing
  • Slots under the furnace for safe forklift transportation of the furnace inside the foundry
  • All-round heating provided by resistant meandering heating elements
  • Switchgear and control box for plug-in connection
  • Heating of furnaces up to 60 kW power rating controlled using long-lasting, noiseless solid-state-relays
  • Heating of furnaces beyond 60 kW with contactors
  • Especially good insulation, multi-layered with fiber material in the furnace chamber
  • Emergency outlet for safe discharge of the melt in case of a crucible break
  • No exhaust gas vent necessary
  • Crucible in standard design not included
  • Furnace chamber control with temperature measurement behind the crucible
  • Over-temperature limiter in the furnace chamber to protect against over-temperature The limit controller switches off the heating when the pre-set limit temperature setting has been reached and does not switch it on again until the temperature falls below the setting again.
ModelTmaxCrucibleCapacityOuter dimensions
in mmHeating powerMelting output2Holding
Lid closed/open
 °CØHKg AlKg CuWDHin kW3kg/h Alkg/h CukW
TM 80/101000BU 200200-1000110095021only for holding4/91
TM 150/101000875600350-132014401000365/101
TM 240/101000BU 600600-122013401300427/151
1At 700 °C
2The specified melting performances are maximum values. In practice, approx. 80 % are achieved.
3Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher