Manual Heat Treatment Plant with Two Air Circulation Pit Furnaces S 3570/65 AS for Solution Annealing, Water Bath, Bogie Hearth Furnace W 7440/26 AS for Artificial Aging

Bogie hearth furnace W 7440/26 AS for solution annealing and water bath WB 24000/S for quenching Annealing system with lift-top furnace H 4263/12S and water bath

2 x S 3570/65 AS for solution annealing

Water bath with powerful circulation pump

Quench and temper system with drop-bottom furnace FS 2200/60AS and quench bath

This tempering system was built for the tempering of aluminum parts for automaotive industry. The movement processes are performed manually using the customer's crane. These solution annealing furnaces are designed as pit furnaces, while the artificial aging furnace is a bogie hearth furnace. Solution annealing of the components takes place in two pit furnaces with 3570 liter furnace chambers. After the solution annealing process is concluded, the lid of the furnace is opened pneumatically, the basket is removed using the crane, and it is placed into the water bath. For better quench results, the water bath is equipped with a powerful circulation pump. After quenching, the operator uses the crane to move the load onto the bogie of furnace W 7440/26 AS for artificial aging. The bogie hearth furnace is equipped with a chain-driven bogie which is moved out of the furnace electrically. The furnace is dimensioned to accept the loads from both solution annealing furnaces. The furnace has PLC controls for temperature measurement and charge documentation. Every load can be assigned a name or a charge number, which is then stored along with the date.

System Design

  • 2 pit furnaces S 3570/65 AS for solution annealing of one basket each, Tmax 650  °C, volume 3570 liters
  • Bogie hearth furnace W 7440/26 AS for artificial aging of two baskets, Tmax 260  °C, volume 7440 liters
  • Water bath with powerful circulation and heating, along with control of the water temperature
  • PLC controls with Nabertherm Control Center (NCC) for charge documentation
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