Gas-fired NB 660/WAX

Drawer for collection of liquid wax

Gas burner for NB 660/WAX model.

NB 660/WAX - NB 1000/WAX with Directly Gas-Fired

These furnaces can be operated above the flash point of wax without further safety equipment. They are used if large amounts of wax have to be molten or the wax flash point is unknown. The molten wax drains off in a stainless steel container through an outlet in the furnace bottom. Additionally, a part of the wax is already vaporized inside the furnace.

Standard equipment NB../WAX, directly gas-fired

  • Features like N../WAX, except:
  • Furnace volumes 660 liters and 1000 liters
  • Directly gas-fired using burners with fully automatic temperature regulation
  • Gas fittings with safety system
  • Automatic ignition with monitor
  • Gas types: city gas, natural gas, or propane gas
  • Special positioning of the gas burner for optimum temperature uniformity
  • Exhaust hood with exit connection 150 mm

Additional equipment for N and NB

  • Catalytic or thermal afterburning systems
ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmMax. drain-off volumeHeating powerElectricalWeight
 °Cwdhin lWDHin lin kW1connectionin kg
NB 660/WAX850550700780300860134017502036.0-430
NB 1000/WAX8506001100100065010001820182025105.03-phase850
N 100/WAX8504005304601006601045143057.53-phase340
N 150/WAX8504505305901507101045156089.53-phase360
N 200/WAX850500530720200760104516901011.53-phase440
N 300/WAX850550700780300810121517501515.53-phase480
N 440/WAX85060075010004501010144018151720.53-phase885
N 660/WAX85070085011006501120154019252026.53-phase1000
N 1000/WAX8508001000125010001290173018302540.53-phase1870
N 1500/WAX8509001200140015001390193019903557.53-phase2570
N 2200/WAX85010001400160022001490213021905075.53-phase3170
1Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher