Gas-Fired Bogie Hearth Furnaces up to 1400 °C for Firing or Sintering in Air or under Reducing Atmosphere

Combi furnace plant consisting of one gas-fired bogie hearth furnace WB 11000/HS and two additional bogies incl. bogie transfer system and incl. necessary park rails Bogie hearth furnace WB 14880S

Furnace chamber with eight high-speed burners

Gas-fired bogie hearth furnaces distinguish by their unique efficiency. The use of high-speed burners allows for short heating times. The burners are arranged according to the furnace geometry providing for a optimum temperature uniformity. Depending on the furnace dimensions, the burners can alternatively be equipped with recuperator technology to save energy. The high-quality, long-life fiber insulation with storage capacity provides for short heating and cooling times.

  • Tmax up to 1400 °C, depending on furnace design
  • Powerful, sturdy high-speed burner with pulse control and special flame control in the furnace chamber provide for optimum temperature uniformity
  • Operation with city gas, natural gas or liquified gas
  • Fully automatic PLC control of the temperature as well as monitoring of the burner function
  • Reduction-resistant fiber insulation with low heat storage provides for short heating and cooling times
  • Dual shell housing provides for low outside temperatures
  • Exhaust hood with fittings for further discharge of the exhaust gases
  • Over-temperature limiter with adjustable cutout temperature for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the furnace and load
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions

Additional equipment

  • Automatic lambda control to set the furnace atmosphere
  • Exhaust air and exhaust gas piping
  • Recuperator burners utilizing part of the waste heat in the exhaust tract to preheat the combustion air and considerably contribute to energy saving
  • Thermal exhaust cleaning systems
  • Process control and documentation via VCD software package or Nabertherm Control Center (NCC) for monitoring, documentation and control