New Generation of 3000 °C Laboratory Furnaces

Batteries and accumulators have become increasingly important and have spread into new application fields by performance gains in recent years. Current and future battery technologies place high demands on materials used and their purity.

One current measure to improve battery performance is the reduction of crystal defects in high-purity graphite. For this purpose graphite is heat treated at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. During this graphitization process, the more or less disordered structure is converted into an ordered hexagonal lattice structure. The degree of conversion increases with increasing temperature.

Nabertherm has countered this trend by revision of its 3000 °C laboratory furnace series. Improvements in insulation structure in combination with an increased heating power have resulted in faster heat up speeds and extended service life. The two available graphite heated cold wall retort furnaces (models SVHT ... / 30-GR) offer a useful space of 2 or 9 liters, making them suitable for both R & D as well as for the production of small quantities.

More information can be found in our catalog Laboratory.